Library Policies

Acquisition Policy

The library’s collection is aimed at supporting the College’s instructional programs. To that end, the library will acquire materials according to the following priorities;

  • To support the curriculum and provide materials relevant to the courses offered by the colleges
  • To support faculty and institutional research

Support for in-depth faculty and institutional research may not always be possible through material acquisition. Consequently, the library has an interlibrary program.

Collection Development Policy

Collection development refers to the process of building and maintaining the library’s collection. The collection development policy establishes the principles used by Tangaza University College Library in the selection, acquisition, evaluation, and maintenance of information resources in print and non-print formats.

The primary goal of Tangaza University College Library’s collection development efforts is to build a collection that supports the needs of all users. The library also recognizes its responsibility to respond to the research needs of the faculty and provide access to specialized information sources. Therefore, the library participates in and encourages resource sharing agreements with other libraries.

Circulation Policy

Circulation policies and regulations of Tangaza University College Library exist to facilitate user’s access to the materials and information in the library’s collection while protecting the same collection.

Tangaza University College Open Access Policy

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