Library Membership

Membership is open to all registered students, members of the faculty and staff of Tangaza University College.

Amani Counselling Centre, Embulbul Counselling Centre, and KRIC consortium libraries may also use the libraries and borrow according to their own arrangements.

Alumni and visitors (including academic staff and research students from other institutions) may use the library upon the payment of ksh. 2000. However, they are not allowed to borrow.


Library centre

Working hours weekdays

Working hours weekends (Saturday only)


Mary Immaculate

8.00am – 6.30pm

9.00 am– 5.00pm


Nuru library

8.00am – 5.00pm

9.00 am– 5.00pm


MIAS Library

8.00am – 4.15pm.




All libraries remain closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Library Rules

The library rules can be categorised in to two areas i.e. in-house and resources rules


1. In-house rules

  1. Wear your lanyard with your ID at all times.
  2. Leave all bags (including laptop bags), and bulky overcoats or jackets at the security counter.
  3. Library security and staff are entitled to search any person entering or leaving any Tangaza library.
  4. Food and drinks (including water) are not allowed in the library.
  5. Silence is a must in all libraries at all times in order to be able to concentrate and research in peace.  Therefore conversations and mobiles are not appropriate.  Switch off your mobile phone before entering a Tangaza library. Answering your mobile in the library will incur a ban of ONE MONTH (even at exam time….).  Please let us have a real working atmosphere in the libraries. We all know that some calls are urgent/important.  But this is not an excuse for answering your mobile in the Library….  Choose somewhere else to wait.
  6. Personal laptopsmay be used in the libraries – however the college management is not responsible for damage or loss of any laptop or other personal item.  Please take care of your belongings.
  7. If you lose or damage a library item, a new copymust be bought at your own expense, either by yourself, or through the college (a substantial down payment will be requested to cover the cost, together with postage and administration fees – any surplus will be refunded when the item arrives).
  8. Library users caught stealing or damaging Tangaza College books or other property will be reported to the Tangaza College Disciplinary Committee.
  9. Photocopying Copyright rules apply: do not photocopy more than a small section of a book.
  10. Access to the Library, Admission to the Library will be permitted only upon presentation of a valid Student or Staff Identity card.

2. Library resources rules

Users may download, save, or print reasonable portions of text, search results, and other information from the library’s online resources for studying, teaching, and/or research purposes.

  1. DO NOT share your library login and passwords to online resources with unauthorized users or any other person.
  2. DO NOT use robots, spiders, or other automated programmes to download electronic resources;
  3. DO NOT use online resources for commercial purposes;
  4. DO NOT sell text, search results, or other information in any form or medium;
  5. DO NOT post information retrieved or downloaded from online resources to a website, or to an email list.
  6. DO NOT redistribute information from online resources to unauthorized users.
  7. Accounts are assigned to individuals. Users are solely responsible for all functions performed from the accounts assigned to them. Do not allow others to use your account. Users should not attempt to crack, guess and/or capture another person’s computer password.