New Library Closing Hours

Dear All,

As the College transitions into a University, the library wishes to assert its rightful position as an information providing department in support of learning, teaching and research. In order to serve our community of students, faculty, researchers and other users better by adequately providing information resources and services, the library wishes to announce that it will extend its opening hours to 6:30PM during weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 1st December 2016. This applies only to Mary Immaculate Library in Imani House.

However, considering resources to be spent on offering such a service, the extra time will run as a pilot with a view of evaluating the number of users using the facility by the end of this academic year. Therefore, maintaining the new closing hour or extending it further will solely depend on the use.


Thank you  very much

Kind Regards

Agava Stanislaus Litsalia

Chief Librarian

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