Borrowing and Renewing Books

Borrowing and Renewing Books

The library system uses the Tangaza ID card. Have it ready. A lost ID card must be replaced before you may borrow more books.
A book is borrowed for two weeks, and is to be returned on (or before) the date stamped on the Due Date slip in the book. A fine of Ksh. 25 per day is charged for late return of a book.
You may have a maximum of 4 books, plus one overnight Reserve Book (lecturers should consult the Lecturers Handbook).
In Mary Immaculate all books may be borrowed except for Reference Books and New Books on Display. For Reserve Books see below.


A book may be renewed twice, each time for two weeks, either by bringing it in person or on the Tangaza website (unless someone has requested it).


A book that is already borrowed may be requested. Please use this service, and do not complain that others are keeping the book. Request it yourself at the circulation desk, and the borrower will be asked to return it within two days.

Borrow for your own use:

PLEASE do not borrow Library items on behalf of others. Do not lend your ID card to others. You will be held responsible for ALL library items borrowed in your name.

Reserve books

They are kept at the circulation desk because they are on high demand. They are for reading in the library. A book may be borrowed overnight at 4 pm. It must be returned by 9 a.m. the next morning, or it will incur the 25/= fine.