E- Resources Off-Campus Access

Did you know that you can access all Tangaza subscribed Electronic Resources (E- Resources) away from the University at the comfort of your home on your laptop, desktop, phone or Tablet? This is now possible.

The ICT department in it’s bid to support the processes of teaching and Learning has now upgraded the E- Resources off-Campus access and brought learning to your comfort. You no longer need to be in Tangaza to access thousands of books and journals, all you need is to be on the internet and access the latest and older publications from tens of databases worldwide.How do I Access: Visit our college website www.tangaza.ac.ke and on the academic resources click on Off- Campus Access. Alternatively, you can go to the library tab and click on Off- Campus access on the drop down menu.Login Credentials: user your staff number(PL for lecturers) or student number as your username and the same as your password.

Databases available: For a list of all databases Tangaza has subscribed to please see attachment.

We have updated the system to ONLY use staff and student numbers as user names. all previous initials will no longer work.We have also incorporated a search Tab that allows you to search across all databases we have subscribed to without having to search database by database. This is only possible with Tangaza University Off-Campus access in the region as no other university has incorporated that module in Kenya!!Please Note that E-resources are only Available in full off-Campus if you login to the Off-Campus module. Attempting to access these resources directly through the e-resources link on the university website will prompt you to login in order to process your requests.In collaboration with the Library, we will be sending you a user guide manual detailing the steps and procedures to be followed when accessing these resources.