Print and E-resources

Tangaza Library users can access the electronic resources on and off campus. Users have a unique password for off-campus access.

On campus access

Access to the resources subscribed to by the University Library is provided on campus through the Library’s computer terminals and from most other computer terminals, smartphones, and tablets.

Off-campus access

Off-campus access to the Library’s electronic resources is also available for authorized users as defined by our license agreements. Such access requires the user to log-in using his or her net ID and password. This log-in verifies that the off-campus user is a part of the licensed user group of Tangaza University college community. ICT department is in charge of creating individual username and passwords.e.

Library Resources

There are two major type of resources in TUC. These are electronic and print resources

Electronic resources

Electronic resources made available by the Tangaza University College Library to students, staff, faculty, and other authorized users, are for activities that support the college’s educational mission.
In general, these resources are available for non-commercial, educational, scholarly and research purposes. Users of library-licensed resources must comply with the terms of agreements and be aware that publishers may monitor use of electronic resources to ensure that the terms of their licensing agreements are enforced. Breach of license may lead a publisher/vendor to turn off Tangaza University College’s access without warning, and may threaten the entire campus’s access to the resources.
These are some of the e-resources:-

1. E-Journals:

The E-resources includes e-journal databases which cover numerous full text titles, which include subscribed electronic journals and open access databases. (Visit for a list of all available e-journals)

2. E-Books:

There are at least 4 major premium e-book databases available. (Visit for a list of all available e-books)

3. Digital Repository:

Tangaza Digital Repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital informational materials. 

The electronic resources can be accessed both when one is on or off-campus, and are available via

Print resources

There at least two main print libraries in Tangaza university that are accessible to all students.

  1.  The Mary Immaculate library (hosted at the Imani Building Lower basement) contain more than 160,000 printed items mainly books and theses. Books are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification Scheme and arranged on shelves by call number.
  2. The Nuru library (hosted at the Nuru building) is home to magazines, newspapers, long essays and numerous bound journals arranged in alphabetical order.

Collections in the print resources (Mary immaculate library)

Mary immaculate library which is the main library boast of at least several collections as listed below

1.     Open shelf

2.     Research

3.     Africana

4.     IYS

5.     Reserve

6.     Reference

7.     CTIE

8.     Display